Services Descriptions

Comprehensive Personal Financial Planning

Everybody wants financial peace of mind but everybody cannot afford the guidance and advice to get it.

Financial Mosaic provide a comprehensive personal financial plan providing a roadmap for financial success, peace of mind, and retirement for a fraction of the industry average price.

Financial planning that works

  • Industry-leading tools - we utilize multiple industry-leading tools to deliver a full comprehensive personal financial plan and more for the simplest of needs to the most complex.
  • Effortless for employees - we gather your employees’ information via a phone call or web meeting never requiring them to complete forms or input into a website.
  • Simple and understandable results - we summarize sometimes 100’s of pages of reports and planning in a simple to understand customized Client Dashboard including a custom video presentation. (full reports can be accessed with a single click)
  • Annual Updates - everybody’s circumstances are constantly changing requiring plan updates. We update the planning work that has been done and continue to go deeper.

Financial Mosaic delivers planning that works designed to improve employee recruitment, retention, and productivity!

Personal Risk Profile

We will provide a risk questionnaire to the Employee utilizing industry-leading software. Completion of the risk questionnaire results in a risk score of 1 – 100. A summary of the results will be presented to the Employee in the online dashboard as well as access to the full risk-questionnaire report.

Investment Risk Analysis

We will perform an investment risk analysis of the Employee’s investments including 401(k) holdings and all other investment accounts utilizing industry-leading software. This analysis is limited to liquid domestic holdings such as U.S. traded stocks, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds (not illiquid, private, and/or alternative investments). The result of this analysis is a risk score of 1 – 100. A summary of the analysis and results will be presented to the Employee in the online dashboard as well as access to the full analysis report.

Investment Advice

Many people do not have access to high-quality bias-free investment advice…advice that can be financially life-changing. Financial Mosaic delivers!

Investment advice that works

  • Risk profiling - the starting point for any investment advice. Utilizing industry-leading personal risk profile software combined with powerful investment analytics.
  • All investments - we consider not only your retirement plan account but all of your investment accounts.
  • Customized and specific - our recommendations are specific and customized for your investment accounts and circumstances including clear actionable steps for implementation.
  • Experienced Fiduciary - we are a legal fiduciary to your employees requiring us to provide advice that is only in each employee’s best interest.

Financial Mosaic is designed to delivery great investment advice that can be life-changing for your employees!

See Disclosure regarding investment advice.

Online Dashboard

We will provide access to the Employee a password-protected online Dashboard that includes highlights from the financial plan, summary of all risk profiling, investment analysis, and investment advice, and more.

Annual Updates

We will reach out to the Employee around the annual anniversary of the Employee’s initial engagement with us to provide complete updates of all Services.

Questions and Periodic Updates

Upon request from the Employee and as time permits for us, we will answer personal finance related questions that are within our scope of expertise and capabilities as well as prepare limited updates of various Services. Furthermore, as time permits, we will request from the Employee any major updates regarding the financial circumstances and prepare limited updates of various Services accordingly.

Ongoing Education

One-time: two 30-minute education workshops (live webinars) plus Q&A session.

  • Finance 101 – The Basics: 30-minute presentation covering basics such as having an emergency fund, budgeting, your credit score, and more.
    Finance 101 - The Basics
  • Finance 201 – Demystifying Investing: 30-minute presentation explaining the different types of stocks and bonds, what is a mutual fund, how to measure performance, and much more.
    Finance 201 - Demystifying Investing

Ongoing Services

  • The Finance 101 and Finance 201 presentations are presented live each month, including a Q&A session, for your employees and their family members to attend anytime.
  • Monthly blog emailed to all clients providing tips and ongoing education.
  • Quarterly: live webinars covering financial planning and investing topics.

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