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Nathan has owned and operated his business for nearly 30 years. It has provided a great lifestyle for he and his family and he is now considering what his retirement years will look like.

He and his wife have three children and became grandparents in recent years. A top priority for both of them is to fund college savings plans for their two grandchildren.

Furthermore, they love the mountains and have had a condo their for about 15 years. With two grandkids and more likely on the way, they would like a bigger place in the mountains for the family to gather.

The sale of the business is critical to their financial plan. This is expected in a few years when Nathan is 65.

We were able to develop a plan for Nathan and Susan that accomplishes their goals. To afford the size home that want in the mountains will require a choice or two that we were able to outline and illustrate.

Nathan has also been concerned about the risk of higher inflation as well as the stock market performance slowing. We tested these risks an illustrated the impact on their plan.

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