Finding the Right Employee Financial Wellness Program

In order for an organization’s employee financial wellness program to be effective, it needs to go beyond simply providing employees with financial guidance about how much they can afford on housing or how much they should be saving each month. Instead, an effective financial wellness program for employees takes a comprehensive approach by providing employees with education on all aspects related to money management, including spending habits, debt management, and retirement planning tools.

Just like physical health, financial health is a practice that requires regular attention. The right tools, such as financial planning and education, can help you make better financial decisions in your day-to-day life. When you're armed with the latest knowledge about all aspects of personal financial management—including budgeting, investing, and debt reduction—you'll be able to make sound decisions about how best to manage your money according to your needs and goals.

Finding the Right Employee Financial Wellness Program

Financial Mosaic's Holistic Approach Brings You a Full Financial Picture

Financial Mosaic is designed to help employees like you better manage their finances through a comprehensive approach to bring together your complete financial picture.

Comprehensive Planning

Comprehensive Planning

A comprehensive financial plan is one of the most important things you can do to ensure that you are meeting your goals and living the life you want. This helps to ensure that all aspects of your finances are aligned with your goals so that you're making decisions with a clear understanding of how they will impact those goals.

We will help you create a detailed financial plan for your household encompassing all of your financial information and circumstances.

Risk Profiling

Risk Profiling

Risk profiling is a great way to learn about your investment goals and options. It enables you to make better decisions about the right level of risk for you. The feedback can help you understand what happens when there's an unexpected market downturn, or when the value of your investments goes up or down. It can also give you a sense of how much money you need in order for it to last throughout retirement, which can be helpful if retirement saving feels overwhelming at times.

We will do a determination of your personal risk tolerance compared to the risk profile of your investments.

Investment Advice

Investment Advice

We'll help you make better financial decisions and manage your money so that you can reach your goals faster. We want to build a relationship with our clients, so we don't just hand over some generic investment plan; instead, you will get a customized actionable plan that's tailored to your goals and personal risk profile.

Education and Year-Round Financial Coaching Support

Education and Year-Round Financial Coaching Support

In addition to providing financial education, we also offer year-round coaching. Financial coaching is a vital component of any employee financial wellness program because it can help you stay on track and reach your goals. With a lifetime of experience in the field, our coaches have seen many employees struggle with their finances. They know what pitfalls to avoid, and they'll be there whenever you need them.

Are you struggling to get a handle on your finances and take control of your financial future? Financial Mosaic is the solution you need.

Take Control of My Finances

What you can expect from our employee benefit financial wellness program

How can Financial Mosaic help you? Here are just some of the benefits that come with having a good financial coach in your corner:

Make better financial decisions and set achievable financial goals

Financial planning is about making better financial decisions. It helps you set goals and prioritize what you want to achieve. Financial planning also identifies your priorities, so that there is a balance between your short-term needs and long-term goals.

The most important aspect of financial planning is the ability to identify your financial goals. It's important that you know exactly what it is that you want out of life, both in terms of family and career opportunities. Once those have been identified, we can work together on creating a plan that will help support those dreams.

Reduce Mental Stress

Your mental health is just as important as your physical well-being, and being financially stressed can be a major cause of anxiety and depression. Our employee benefits financial wellness programs can help you better manage your finances and reduce the stress you experience as a result of financial uncertainty.

Reduce the Risk of Burnout

Employee burnout is a growing problem for companies each year. This is because so many feel that they need to work harder just to make ends meet. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Organizations that implement well-designed financial wellness programs for employees can reduce the risk of employee burnout because they will have the tools they need to manage their stress, finances, and time more effectively. *

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Improve Credit Scores

You can't make sound financial decisions without a solid understanding of your own finances. The more you know about how much money you have and how much money is coming in each month, the better off you'll be in terms of managing money. That's why employee financial wellness programs help you to create a plan to help track their spending patterns over time to stay on track with healthy spending habits.

Reduce Your Debt

Employee benefit financial wellness programs encourage you to take control of your finances by setting achievable goals and working towards them. Now you can feel more in control of your personal finances instead of feeling like they control you.

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