Financial Planning for Employees - Less stress, More Productivity

Financial stress is the quiet killer of a productive work environment. When employees struggle financially, it has a serious impact on their well-being, including their ability to focus and be productive at work.

Financial Mosaic’s employee financial planning program can help employees navigate the challenges of managing their finances, enabling them to make better decisions both in and out of the workplace.

Help build your employees' financial confidence

Comprehensive Personal Financial Planning and Investment Advice

A fully comprehensive financial plan helps your employees understand their current financial status and make the right financial decisions for their future. Our employee financial wellness program provides them with a framework for all aspects of their finances, including investments, insurance, retirement planning, and much more.

We are able to do this with:

Industry-Leading Tools

We utilize industry-leading tools to deliver a fully comprehensive personal financial plan for your employees. We understand that not everyone is looking for a complete overhaul of their finances. So, whether it’s the simplest of needs or the most complex, we help them understand their financial situation and make informed decisions.

An Effortless Process

No paperwork, no need to take time off from work, they won’t even have to leave the office. We gather all their information via a phone call or web meeting, and then we provide a custom employee financial plan that fits their individual lifestyle and goals.

Reports That are Simple and Easy to Understand

The reports and plans are summarized on their personal dashboard, where they can see the full details of their financial plan. The results are presented in a format that's easy for anyone to understand: graphs and charts show trends over time so that they can quickly see where things stand at any given moment and how their financial well-being is improving.

Conducting Annual Updates

The truth is that the process of financial planning is never really "over". Financial plans need to be updated regularly, especially in today's climate of changing circumstances, new goals, and priorities.

That said, we will do annual check-ins and reviews with each of their employees and adjust their plan as necessary.

Providing Ongoing Financial Education

The importance of financial education in your company is well-documented, but it's important to remember that this is a continuous process for every company. The more your employees learn about personal finance, the more they'll be able to manage money and their financial stresses better.

What our ongoing financial planning service package includes

Every employee’s financial plan will include a comprehensive review of their current financial situation. It will provide them with an assessment of their income, expenses, debts, risk profile, and investments. The goal is to help them understand where they are and what steps can and should be taken to better their financial well-being.

Every employee’s financial plan will include:

  • Their Short, Medium, And Long-Term Financial goals

    Our financial planning services are not just about saving for retirement or estate planning but also setting budgets and savings goals for other things such as buying a new car or home improvement projects.

    In each customized plan, we will consider short, medium, and long-term goals to work towards and address actionable steps needed to achieve them.

  • A Net Worth Summary

    A net worth summary will account for all the assets and liabilities they own. This balance sheet helps them see where they stand financially so they can make informed decisions about their future plans.

  • A personal risk profile summary

    We will provide a risk questionnaire using our industry-leading software, which will provide them with a risk score between 1 and 100. This then guides them as to how much risk they can handle and what type of investments might be right for their personality and lifestyle.

  • An investment risk profile summary

    This will show which types of investment products fit into their portfolio based on the results from their personal risk profile. This overview will help determine whether or not investing in various types of funds would be beneficial for their situation—or if other types of investments may be more suited for them.

  • A Budget

    A proper budget will help your employees make the most of their money. It will allow them to see how much money they have coming in, what expenses are necessary and what expenses are unnecessary. This can help them avoid financial stress as well as bad financial decisions that could cause problems down the road.

  • A financial contingency plan

    This is a backup plan in case they are unable to work, their income is reduced, or something unexpected happens where their income or savings are affected. It’s an emergency fund that employees can draw upon when they need it most.

  • An investment strategy

    With so many different options available, and the fact that many people don't understand how to save money or invest it, having an investment strategy can be a great help. We will design an investment strategy to meet their goals and objectives, taking into account factors such as income, risk tolerance, and tax considerations.

Financial Mosaic provides affordable ongoing financial planning service packages for your employees.

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