Financial Education for Employees - Empower your Workforce

Money plays such a huge role in the world, and so there are few things in life that are as empowering as knowing you are financially free. Imagine having complete control over your finances instead of the constant worry of how you are going to make your money stretch just enough.

As the famous saying goes: knowledge is power, and it all comes down to knowing and understanding how to work with and manage money better. This is why our employee financial education program exists.

Why should this matter to you as an employer? Because employees who manage their personal finances effectively will likely make better decisions at work as well, have a stronger sense of self-worth, and be more motivated to take on everyday challenges.

Our goal is to help you build a more productive, empowered, and motivated workforce with our tailored financial wellness programs.

Financial Education for Employees - Empower your Workforce

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Help financially upskill your employees

Our ongoing workplace financial education programs

Financial literacy for employees is a process of continuous learning. It's not just about the information you learn in one session, but also developing the knowledge and skills your employees need to manage their finances in the future.

We offer continual workplace financial education programs for our clients, including:

  • Live online workshops are presented each month with a Q&A session for your employees and their family members to attend. These workshops include topics on budgeting, debt management, retirement planning, estate planning, insurance, and investment options.
  • Blogs emailed to all clients provide tips and ongoing education on important personal finance issues such as tax planning, credit card debt reduction strategies, and investment tips
  • We host periodic events where we have live webinars covering various financial planning and investing topics as well as tips and tricks.

Workplace Financial Education Programs - Monthly Live Webinars

As part of our workplace financial education programs, we host two live 30-minute workshops every month. These are designed to teach employees the basics of personal finance, including how to manage their money, plan for a financially secure future, and how to navigate the basics of investing.

Our monthly live webinars include:

Finance 101: The Basics

Let's start with a strong foundation and help your employees get on the right track. We'll teach them how to manage their money with a budget and set long-term and short-term goals.

Our Finance 101 workshop will include

  • Having an emergency fund
  • Credit and credit scores
  • Budgeting
  • Planning for retirement
  • Insurance considerations

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Finance 201: Demystifying Investing

For so many people, the idea of investing is scary, but that’s simply because it’s shrouded in technical jargon that makes it more complicated than it needs to be.

Our Finance 201 workshop: Demystifying Investing, breaks down the fundamentals of investing and financial planning in a way that anyone can understand. Our employee financial literacy program gives them a strong first step towards making smarter financial decisions.

This workshop will cover:

  • What stocks, bonds, and mutual funds are
  • The importance of diversification
  • What risk tolerance is (and why it's important)
  • How taxes impact your investments

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Stages of Financial Education

We understand that everyone is at a different stage of their life and financial journey, and that is why we tailor our plans and advice based on each individual’s lifestyle, financial life stage, and goals. So, no matter which stage your employees are in, or what level of financial knowledge they have, our employee financial education program can help give them the right tools to reach their individual financial goals.

The 4 main stages of financial education are:

Early career Accumulation Stage

Employees in their early career stages are at the beginning stages of wealth accumulation. They may have just started working for their current employer or are about to graduate from college. Our workplace financial education program can help them make better decisions and understand how company benefit plans could be used to help improve their financial wellbeing.

At this stage in the employees' financial journey, we focus on general money management: managing debt, improving credit scores, and saving for the short-term (e.g., a holiday), medium-term (e.g., buying a car), or long-term (e.g., buying a home).

Mid-career Growth stage

At this stage, employees are likely mindful of their finances. However, this is a great time for them to review their savings goals and investment strategies with an advisor. An advisor can help them identify any shortfalls in their current plan, develop an action plan for addressing them, and maximize tax efficiencies that are available to them now. This helps ensure that all aspects of your financial life are on track so that they don’t become stressors later down the road.

Later career Preservation Stage

Preserving wealth is the main aim of this stage. Employees who are at this stage are generally well-established in their careers, and retirement is on the horizon. We generally recommend that we help them take a look at their portfolio allocation and consider shifting their holdings away from growth and more towards preservation. At this stage, our workplace financial education program focuses on areas such as tax efficiency, planning for retirement and understanding retirement income options, clearing debt, and maximizing pension benefits and other savings.

Retirement Wealth Distribution stage

For those employees who are approaching retirement, financial education can help them understand the tax implications of their investments and keep track of them.

At this stage, employees should keep an eye on managing their retirement funds. We can help them create a budget that they can easily stick to, to ensure they last throughout the remainder of their life.

Give your employees the ultimate gift of financial peace of mind with our employee financial education program.

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